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Understanding Poom & DAN Belts

Poom (Junior Black Belt):

  • Poom is equivalent to a junior black belt (below the age of 15).

  • Typically, there are four levels: 1st Poom, 2nd Poom, 3rd Poom & 4th Poom.

  • Poom belt holders can transition to the Dan system at the age of 15.


Dan (Black Belt):

  • The black belt system starts with the 1st Dan (1st-degree black belt) and progresses upward.

  • Higher Dan levels indicate advanced proficiency.

  • Dan levels include 1st Dan, 2nd Dan, 3rd Dan, up till 9th Dan. 


It is important to note that the conversion from Poom to Dan is not automatic. Poom belt holders must apply for Dan conversion through their respective club coaches (conversion fees applicable). All Poom belt holders are advised to apply for Dan conversion on reaching the age of 15. Applying later may place individuals at a disadvantage, as the eligibility time frame for the subsequent Dan promotion test begins from the date of issue of the Dan certificates.

Waiting Time and Eligibility for Belt Promotion:

There are designated waiting periods between each belt level. For example, there is a one-year interval between attaining the 1st Dan and progressing to the 2nd Dan, a two-year interval between the 2nd and 3rd Dan, and so on. The waiting periods incrementally increase with each subsequent belt level. Refer to image below for overview.

Black Belt Eligibility Time Frame


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